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Finding Flow Journal


The Finding Flow Journal is an undated daily journal designed to help support you in manging stress and creating more ease, resilience and flow in your day to day life.

This is not just a wellness journal, as it focusses on how you want your day and week to feel, where you’re holding tension, what balance means to you right now (living in the present moment) and where you want to improve boundaries in your life. This journal is aligned to my 7 Steps to Finding Flow: Flip the Script on Stress book to help support you on your journey to a more easeful, resilient and aligned life.

Efficient Focus: Free of digital distractions, the journal will only take you a few minutes a day

Weekly Reflection & Intention
Reflect on the week that was and how you want your week ahead to look like with a weekly double page for creating awareness and reflecting on where you are in line with your intentions as you start your week. As you progress, your intentions may change aligned with your growth. Allow your new perspectives to grow and change as you need.
5 Daily, Undated Tracking Pages per week
For the week to help integrate and embed the changes you wish to make in your life. Because life is about balance, this is not about being perfect every day, but creating consistency for the majority of your week.
This Weekly and Daily undated tracking process covers 26 weeks, so half of the year.
Professional look and feel
Sophisticated fabric cover in an easy to manage size (13 x 21 cm). Available in Charcoal and Light Grey. 218 pages

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