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Intentional Life Journal


The INTENTIONAL LIFE Journal is a journal to help create a more intentionality around how you show up, create and experience magic, moments and memories in life rather than stay on autopilot mode,  chasing a checklist of doing deeds and being busy. The INTENTIONAL LIFE Journal is about being more, creating more moments and memories and experiencing magic in our lives daily.

Let’s get present, intentionally focused and live life now. It’s time to be more, not do more.

Efficient Focus

Free of digital distractions, the journal will only take you a few minutes a day

Daily, undated tracking pages

A guided journal process, structured around your intentional life practice to help you build consistency and momentum around incorporating intentionality into your life daily

Professional look and feel

Sophisticated fabric cover in an easy to manage size (13 x 21 cm). 144 pages.