NEW Journals Launched: Holding Space & Finding Flow - AVAILABLE NOW

Holding Space Journal


Space to process, align, release or integrate our thoughts is something that we have to create. It never magically appears in our busy days. The Holding Space journal is your sacred place to create space for yourself to go within.

Journalling is a practice that helps you create clarity and consciousness as you become curious about what comes up for you in the process. Your thoughts, feelings and emotions are not you, they are just coming up for you to help you learn, grow and evolve. We’re not meant to hold or attach to them, labelling them as good or bad. Rather, we’re meant to move through them as you free write, reflect and let your words flow without judgement, shame, comparison, inadequacy or doubt.

The Holding Space Journal includes lots of (lined) space to free write, some initial journal prompts as nudges from the universe to get you started, as well as one of my favourite forgiveness practices, Ho’oponopono, to support you in this process of holding space for yourself.

Available in Forest Green or Charcoal

Size: 21.5 x 13.5 x 1cm

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